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Salt switch, which has been produced in Switzerland, is one of the most effective salt substitutes available on the market. Here, you can learn all about the different ways to purchase Salt Switch and what it can do for you to reduce your intake of sodium and help you lower your blood pressure. Plus, we’ll help you understand how Salt Switch compares to other popular products like Magnesium Trisilicate and Potassium Chloride and how it helps improve your overall health.

Intro of Salt Switch?

SALT SWITCH 600 puffs : how long does it actually last?
We are often asked about SALT SWITCH and how long it is enough.⠀
Friends, of course, everything will depend on the frequency of your puffs and their duration. It is like a glass of water, you can drink it right away or extend this process for a longer period of time – all individually.⠀
But SALT SWITCH, just in case, decided to approach this issue from a scientific point of view and simulated the process using a special test device for vaping .
With regular cig you get an average of 10–12 puffs. That’s an average of about 200 – 250 puffs per pack. Per EU regulations, the maximum amount of eliquid in a disposable e-cigarette is capped at 2ml, which directly translates to the amount of puffs available. In general one Salt e-cigarette will last for 600 puffs.Salt Switch have 600 puffs, that’s about of 3 cig packs. But this number directly depends on the intensity of vaping, both upward and downward.

SALT Switch are e-cigarettes with flavor options in Switzerland. SALT Switch e-cigarettes are especially suitable for people who smoked occasionally or have stopped smoking. The gustatory line has 30 different flavors, from classic tobacco flavor to exotic mango, or cool watermelon! The nicotine cartridges also help to reduce dependence on nicotine. SALT Switch can therefore be used to give up smoking completely without nicotine withdrawal symptoms. It is healthy as well as stylish and fun with SALT Switch from Switzerland!

Why Choose Salt Switch? How Healthy Are E-Cigarettes?

While not harmless, major public health practitioners, anti-smoking NGO’s and regulators around the world recognize vaping as being far less harmful than smoking: 95% less harmful, according to Public Health England. This is because the major toxicants in cigarette smoke are created by combustion, while e-cigarettes vaporize. Learn more.


Smoking combustible cigarettes involves the burning of dried tobacco leaves to create an inhalable smoke, and it’s that burning that creates the toxicants that lead to illness, disease and death. While both vaping and smoking can deliver nicotine, it is the smoke created by the burning of dried tobacco leaves that causes the formation of toxic, cancer-causing tar. As Michael Russell, a research scientist and a pioneer in the study of tobacco dependence once said: “people smoke for nicotine but they die from the tar”. Vaping does not involve combustion, but instead aerosolizes a liquid, which makes a fundamental difference. Vaping, although not harmless, does not produce tar, and according to Public Health England, is estimated to be 95% less harmful than combustible tobacco.

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